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Event 1
W Club 4+

A Final

gold medal
Crew #2 RPCS
Laura Glen (stroke) (AVNC), Georgia Smith (WHOC)
Coached by: John O'Connor
silver medal
Crew #1 RPCS
Davina Waddy (stroke) (CTYC), Emma Weith (OGUC)
Coached by: John O'Connor
bronze medal
Crew #3 RPCS
Star Davidson (stroke) (AVNC), Kate Campbell (OGUC)
Coached by: John O'Connor
Event 4
M Open 1X
Event 5
M Club 4+
Event 5A
M U19 4+
Event 10A
B U17 8+
Event 11A
G U17 4+
Event 13
W Club 1X
Event 14A
G U15 8+
Event 15
M Nov 4+
Event 15A
B U15 4+
Event 16
W Open 2X
Event 19
B U16 4+
Event 19A
B U17 4+
Event 20
M Club 2X
Event 21A
G U17 8+
Event 23
W Nov 4+
Event 23A
G U15 4+
Event 24
W Club 2X
Event 26
W Open 4-
Event 27
M Nov 8+
Event 27A
B U15 8+
Event 30
W Open 1X
Event 31
M Open 4-
Event 32
M Mst 4+ (1000m)
Event 32A
M Mst 2X (1000m)
Event 33
W Mst 4+ (1000m)
Event 33A
W Mst 2X (1000m)
Event 35
W Club 8+
Event 35A
W Open 8+
Event 36
M Club 1X
Event 37
M Open 2X
Event 42
M Club 8+
Event 42A
M Open 8+
Event 42B
M U19 8+

NZRA Users. If you only have a password for the RowingNZ website then you will need a rowIT login so please contact us.

NZSSRA Users. If you have a password provided by NZSSRA then you should log in through the school rowing website.


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