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The regatta was scheduled for Saturday 27th but postponed and run on the Sunday. Unfortunately only half the programme was raced before the regatta was stopped due to rough water.

Place Lane Club Crew
Event 1: Senior Boys Quad
11OBHS1C James, J Latta, D Gold, R Mears, cox J Burgess
23KHS1M Plaisted, F Homan, A Knox, A Sallis cox J Lamb
Event 2: Novice Girls Singles (500m)
13OGHS1S Dunn
24OGHS2P Ryder
31OGHS3C Ross
Event 3: Junior Girls Eight
12StH1O Nicholson, A James, L Sim, C Burgess, B Ockwell, Z Hollander, A McAslan, G Scown, R Smollett(cox)
Event 3: Junior Boys Eight
Event 4: Senior Girls Quad
12OGHS1G Ross, K Hunter, A Vandenbosch, J Jones, E Dickson (cox)
24COL1S Faulks, R McPherson-Parker, E Falconer, R Wilson, H Falconer (cox)
33StH1J Scott, B Richards, K Herzog, A Richards, R Heaney(cox)
Event 6: Intermediate Boys Quad
12KHS1C Saies, F Homan, A Knox, A Salis
21OBHS1M Harrison, J Gemmell, M Croft , B McNab
Event 7: Senior Girls Singles
16COL1B Roulston
24OGHS1G Ross
37QHS1S Scott
Event 8: Intermediate Girls Quad
13StH1A Kinnaird, M Stumbles, E Walker, M Hasselman, C Cowley(cox)
24OGHS1H Mulder, S Dunn, P Ryder, S Naylor, E Dickson (cox)
32COL1H McDiarmid, A Brown, A Keen, A Dillon, R Wilson (cox)
Event 9: Senior Boys Fours
11OBHS1D Gold, J Latta, R . Mears, C James cox J Burgess
22JMcG/KAVT Stott, S Grant, A Hanson, D Price, D Price(cox)
Event 10: Intermediate Boys Eights
11OBHS1M Harrison, M Croft , J Gemmell, M McLelland, M Noone, B McNab, H Chittock, G Morris
Event 11: Intermediate Girls Fours
11COL1A Dillon, H McDiarmid, A Jenkins-McCaw, A Brown, R Wilson (cox)
Event 12: Senior Girls Doubles/Pairs
15StH1B McKenzie, K Herzog
23OGHS1G Ross, K Hunter
34COL1B Wilson, H Jenkins-McCaw
  • COL: Columba College
  • KHS: Kings High School
  • JMcG: John McGlashan College
  • KAV: Kavanagh College
  • OBHS: Otago Boys High School
  • OGHS: Otago Girls High School
  • StH: St Hildas Collegiate
  • QHS: Queens High School
  • BAY: Bayfield High
  • Junior: under 15 and under 16 Novices
  • Intermediate: under 16 and under 17 Novices
  • Seniors: under 18

NZRA Users. If you only have a password for the RowingNZ website then you will need a rowIT login so please contact us.

NZSSRA Users. If you have a password provided by NZSSRA then you should log in through the school rowing website.

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